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At last - I have started a blog

For a long time I have been meaning to do this, and I have finally done it. Every time I come across the idea of creating a blog I am suddenly surrounded by a lot of questions like; What shall I write about? Is this worth sharing? Is this relevent? Who would read this? And then it becomes so mind-boggling that I end up not doing it at all. It is mainly because I am too busy doing the more important things: Reading, Writing and Drawing. The things I actually enjoy and care about. I'd rather be doing those. And yet I have so much to share with the world that I don't know which one to prioritise or what order to present them. And then there are the minute details like; what category is it? Travel? Movies? Food? There are a lot of things I do with my life that is related to all of these that I cannot pick only one. Of course I enjoy movies, travelling, and food, but if I focus on one of them, that it will mislead my audience into thinking I am either a film maker/critic, a hiker/travel agent, or a chef. This is not what I want. First and foremost, I'm an Artist and an Author. Occasionally, I am a vocalist, mainly in rock and heavy metal. I want to keep things simple for myself and for my audience. All the work I do is a demonstration of my skills and how far I have come. Everything I produce is gift to the world. Our lives are journey. And this blog is about mine. Welcome to my blog, where I share my life, my journey with you. Let's begin. #journey #blog #blogging #new #beginner #artist #author #started

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