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What did I tell you? - A final word on Vehicular Bravado

No less than 2 weeks after my initial rant about noisy drivers at night, there was an accident just outside the street that I live in. Not sure why I left it this long to upload but one main reason was that I wanted to let the dust settle first. Maybe it was a dilemma about justifying such a post. After convincing myself that it was for a good cause, in the hope that it will save lives and prevent anymore accidents, I decided to go for it anyway. You see. This is what happens when people race around in a suburban neighbourhood.

Winding roads, potholes, and uneven surfaces, are a deadly cocktail for speeding cars.

Just by looking at this wreckage is enough to make me shudder.

Who knows what happened to the driver, or the paseangers if there were any.

I hope nobody died, and I hope they are okay.

Heaven forbid if this ever happens to you.

When you want to hit the gas, Take the motorway.

The suburbs are not the place for it.

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