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Vehicular Bravado - A Little Rant

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Before I begin, no blog or blogger is without a rant to let off a bit of steam. To share with the rest of the world. Everyone has likes, dislikes, and annoyances that others can relate to. I think this is something that also reminds us that we are human. So this is my first little rant to kick this off. Southgate is a quiet place. Most of the time. But every other night you will hear entitled teenagers, or young adults racing cars. Turbo mufflers, screeching tyres, blasting their so-called "music", *boom boom boom* in the middle of the night, hoping to get the attention of attractive girls when most of the people in this area are old people. The rest of us are trying to get a good night sleep. Good luck getting laid with that vehicular bravado. But I do hope for your sake you don't have an accident. P.S. This photo is something I took during a photography course back in late 2017. The location is Holborn in Central London but I do think it suits the theme of what I'm talking about here. I will upload the rest soon.

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