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Theatre will Never go out of Style

I just watched the musical version of The Prince of Egypt. And WOW. What an experience it was. It was at the Dominion Theatre in london. I watched the animated film so many times. It’s a masterpiece. So I was excited to see the musical version. It didn’t disappoint. It was epic. The actors were phenomenal. The choreography was mesmerising. The dancers were pretending to be water, sand, and fire. The way they moved along the ground and threw themselves in the air. Their athletic skills were amazing. And the music that accompanied the play mind blowing, the mixture of classical music with Egyptian music. They added some extra scenes that were not in the film and they added new songs I never heard before. That way I felt what I got was extra. It made the story feel more in depth. They added some light-hearted humour which made even more fun. Nothing felt forced. Everything felt natural. As much as I enjoy movies, I much prefer theatrical plays. The actors are right there in front of you. You can hear their voices and the watch every move as they interact with other characters and the scenery. The way they sing with passion. There were projections on the decorations off the stage. The way the lighting sets the mood. The sounds bounce around you. You are fully immersed in it. This is way better than some 3D ride. The whole thing is exciting from start to finish. When the actors are on stage they cannot afford to screw up. Every scene must be acted from start to finish without any flaws. I wonder how many times they had to rehearse those scenes and remember their lines. It’s all real. Live. Right in front of you and it feels awesome. No cuts. No edits. No CGI. It ended with a standing ovation from all of us. We loved it. Theatre will never go out of style. #theatre #musical #princeofegypt #dominiontheatre #prince #theprinceofegypt #choreography #acting #singing

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