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The Lessons I learned from the movie Groundhog Day

"It's Groundhog Day... Again!"

The 1993 film is about a TV weatherman named Phil Conners (played by Bill Murray) who is told to cover the Groundhog Day event that takes place every 2nd of February in a town called Punxatawney. He doesn't want to go and openly expresses his discontent for the place and the people who live there. But when he gets there he is stuck in a time loop where the 2nd of February keeps repeating itself. No one is aware of the time loop except Phil. No matter what he does he cannot escape. He even tries to commit suicide in different ways but he still wakes up to the tune of "I got you babe" on the radio alarm clock at 6am.

I can't imagine waking up to the same song every single day against your will.

When he realises he cannot escape from his situation, he learns to embrace his fate and accept the circumstances he cannot control. So he does everything he can to make himself a better person and does good deeds for the people who live in the town. He learns ice sculpting, playing the piano, and speak French. He spends the time (in each day repeated) getting to know the townsfolk winning their hearts and minds. He learns to live with the situation he is in and makes the best of it. He grows to love the town and the people in it.

Loved and respected by all, he becomes the happiest man in town. The spell is broken and he wakes up on the 3rd of February. And then the rest of his life continues, he is a changed man. This movie taught me a valuable lesson: Accept what you can't control, embrace your fate, and make the best of your situation. However the only thing you can change and that is yourself. Your mindset, your body, your attitude, your outlook etc. In my later years when I was reading about Friedrich Nietzche I came across two of his works that had the exact same themes: 'Will to Power,' the conquering of obstacles. 'Amor Fati,' accepting one's fate. There also what I think is a Buddhist theme here is when a person reaches the stage of Nirvana (pure enlightenment) and sharing it with others. Self improvement enables you to become a better version of yourself. The more skills you acquire, the more opportunities will come to you. You will no longer be suffering as much as you thought you did at first. I think when you make the best of what you have, you will feel happy. #film #groundhogday #billmurray #movie #theme #timeloop #nietzche #suffering #repeat #piano #trapped #lesson #lessons #learned #buddha #buddhism #igotyoubabe #nirvana #friedrichnietzche #fate #acceptance #love #friendship

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