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Earthworm Jim: I made a Fan Comic while Exploring Childhood Memories

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Warning: Contains Cartoon Violence, Not suitable for children Here is the link to download the PDF file of the Fan Comic I made.

Download PD • 16.99MB

There. Now that I got that obligatory warning out of the way let's dive into the introduction. So recently I went down memory lane by playing Earthworm Jim on my Sega Mega Drive. It's been sitting on my shelf for years. But what possessed me to play it was that I was waiting for the arrival of the second Earthworm Jim graphic novel that Doug TenNapel had written and drawn. It was a way to create my excitement. In case you missed it, here's the unboxing video of the first graphic novel: And recently, I uploaded another unboxing video of the latest Earthworm Jim. graphic novel:

Some of the appeals of the game was the animation, the imagination, and the humour.

I love how Evil the Cat is dancing in the background there. Goes to show that you are in his domain of Heck.

There may be HD remakes and updated versions of games on various platforms, in comparison nothing beats playing the original game on the original console that you had since you were a kid. Oh yeah! During this wave of excitement my inner child was reminiscing all the happy memories of playing the games, watching the cartoons, even playing the Nintendo cards in Primary school. And then it dawned on me why fan art across the internet was popular. When you post your own content onto forums you get accused of promoting yourself and selling your own product, but when you post fan art, it seems to resonate with other people because it triggers nostalgic memories like it did with me. There is fan art all over the internet, every artist has their own interpretation of their childhood heroes. So when began to look for something to draw that was from my childhood, they were all taken, Batman, Superman, Spider-man, Daredevil etc. And then Doug TenNapel came on to the scene and brought out his Earthworm Jim graphic novel. That's it. Earhworm Jim is going to be the childhood hero I am going to draw. And so I made a few drawings and uploaded them to some of my social media feeds and guess what... it WORKED. A lot of people seem to like it. So I decided instead drawing one or two pcitures, I decided to do my own little comic with my own story and my own interpretation of Earthworm Jim. So here it is. I hope you enjoy.

Thank you for reading my comic. If you like my work, please consider donating to my Kofi account. I would highly appreciate it. Thanks again.

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