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Blacksmithing @ Blackberry Forge

The Blacksmith was nicely situated next to a forest where there is a beer brewery and stables for horses. It was like walking into a medieval village in a fantasy world. Or in some role playing video game. Quite immersive. My 5-star review on Google Maps is here: The Blacksmith who greeted me and taught me was Jude. I signed up to do a Blacksmith Taster course because I wanted to know what it feels like to work as blacksmith. He explained the basics of smithing. And then the next thing was deciding what to make. Instead of making a sword, a knife, a bracelet, or a beer bottle opener, I went for what any Cypriot should go for, and that was a sickle. The idea got us excited. He ignited the flames and away we went. We began with a steel rod, and we finished with a solid sickle. The fire roared like a dragon's breath without taking moment's rest. Standing next to it gave off a sense of empowerment, like working with magic. Man and fire, taming a force of nature, to forge a farming tool and a weapon at the same time. Each step of the way we put the metal into the forge and waited several minutes for it give off a glowing orange colour. I had to plan what part needed adjustments. As soon as we took it out of the forge, we had to hammer the adjstsments quickly before the glowing orange went back to a dark grey, which meant it was no longer soft enough to change. So it had to go back in the fire. Eventually, we completed a sickle that had a hook on the end to insert the little finger, and a curved handle. To me, this was a massive accomplishment. The sensations that came with it were phenomenal. Aside from my right elbow aching, and blisters formed on the outside of both hands. It felt good. This is one place where hands are toughend up. The most rewarding thing was the outcome. Worth suffering for. It was good. For a day, I was a Blacksmith's apprentice. Just by thinking about it, it makes me feel hot. Go forth and forge!

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